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How to Throw a Princess Tea Party

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Imagine that you’re 5 years old. You walk in the front door of the “castle” wearing your princess dress and hear the Disney Princess soundtrack playing gently throughout the room. Immediately you see a table with your name card drawing you closer. Next to that name card is your princess accessories for the day… long white gloves, a small bottle filled with “fairy dust”, colorful candy necklaces, and a sparkling pink ribbon that has Princess [your name] across the bow in glitter. The level of excitement is growing as you move into the pink streamer & flower decored kitchen. You see a fancy table lined with tea sandwiches in the shape of hearts and pastries; and across the room sits a large table with the most hypnotizingly beautiful tea setup you’ve ever seen in your entire 5 years of living…

Now imagine that you are a hardworking mom who would LOVE to give their daughter that fantasy tea party, but how to find the time?

Have no fear! Here is a simple outlined plan that will be easy on you, while giving your princess everything she could want!

Entrance Table:

+Princess Name Cards

-This one is easy! Just use a fancy, curly font for each name in a Word document. Space it out for trimming room. Print out the sheet and glue it onto colorful construction paper. Add a little clipart if you’d like as well. (Added fun for them – give each princess a nickname! Ex: Princess of Flowers, Princess of the Sea, Princess of Clouds, Star Princess, etc.)

+Candy Necklaces

-Just grab a bag from your local market! If you’d like to get extra fancy, head to the toy section and buy a bag of colorful plastic necklaces and rings as well.

+Fairy Dust

-While messy, adds to the atmosphere of the party. You can use straight glitter, or shimmery paper that’s been cut up into tiny confetti pieces. Head to the Dollar Store for mini cork bottles, or just tie them up into plastic treat bags with a ribbon.

+Long White Gloves

-This is optional, but it does add a classy touch while they sip their tea! Also looks great in the photographs J Pinkies up, ladies!

+Princess Bow

-This might be the most tedious task, but well worth it. You can either buy pre-made bows from your local craft store, or just purchase a roll of bright, thick ribbon and tie them to hair ties yourself. Take some puffy paint and draw on their names, sprinkle with a little glitter and let dry over night. Easy for you, and they will probably rock that bow for the rest of the summer! (Want to take this party to the next level? We have plenty of fun princess hats in our shop! Use this promo code for 10% off yours today: BLOGHAT10 )


+Tea Sandwiches

Every kid loves a good PB&J! But add a heart shape to it, and the girls will feel even fancier munching on their favorite treat. Simply buy a large heart shaped cookie cutter. Maybe make half of them with Nutella instead of peanut butter in case any little princesses suffer from allergies. Easy turkey and cheese pinwheels are also fun and simple to make. Just grab some flour tortillas and fill them with lunchmeat of choice and cheese. Roll them up tight and slice into little pinwheels to serve. Throw some inexpensive doilies under the sandwiches and pinwheels to fancy up the plate!


When hosting adult tea parties we always want to go the extra fancy mile with lavendar cakes and mint macarons, but the child princesses just want sweet treats that look pretty. Pick up some pink iced mini cupcakes and a variety pack of cookies from your market bakery. (Added fun for them – Ice Your Own Cookie station. Just buy a few rolls of sugar cookie dough and bake them plain. Purchase the icing tubes and set one at each place setting!)


+Easy and Impressive

You can’t go wrong with streamers. They’re cheap and easy to hang up anywhere in the house. When I did this for my daughter I used pink with gold accents. Instead of blowing up tons of balloons that would just be popped the next day, I bought a few bouquets of big bright sunflowers and trimmed down the stem. I set them up in little mason jars on the tables, and in vases around the house. The best part of this decoration is that I got to have sunflowers around my home to brighten up the rest of my week!

+Princess Costume

Just tell all the parents to have the girls wear their prettiest sundress. An added idea is to ask each parent what color they plan on dressing them in, and match the ribbon/namecard with that color. (If you want your daughter in the prettiest princess dress of all, click here!)

Hosting a princess tea party might seem overwhelming, but with this foundation of ideas you should have everything you need to host a successful day for your little princess!

Have more ideas for our Princess moms? Leave a comment below! 


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