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The Princess Hat Story

The Beginning

Kathy and Donna, both blessed with little girls, dreamed of a job that revolved around theirj-and-a-little.jpg children’s schedules.  In1991, the two working moms founded their own company that made that dream come true.  The very first itemproduced was the finest princess hat on the market.  Twenty years later it continues to be their best selling item.  Many inexpensive versions, made of paper or other inferior components, imported from China come and go but Kathy and Donna's hats remained.  The stability stems from the fact that their Princess Hat is made here in the U.S.A with a quality like none other.  The high quality satin and canvas make the hat an item that lasts, an item that a child can play with time and time again.  Over the years their business has expanded the princess category to include Tiaras, Wands, Tutu’s, Mermaid Swimsets, Hula Swimsets and a very macho dress up line for boys.

A Note from Kathy:

kathy.jpgWe have always, and hope to in the future, keep all of our production here in America.  Although we have seen some turbulent times in this economy, along with everyone else, we have kept our entire team in place.  We have done this through shorter work weeks and closing early every Friday.

Our mission is to continue to grow our business with the finest quality and compliant items for kids.  Items made so well, your kids can enjoy them and save them for keepsakes for generations to come.  All the while, knowing the worker that made this item was an American worker who pays taxes and is paid a fair and just wage.  This really matters to us and we hope it does to you as well.  This Christmas, if we all try to buy American we can turn this thing around, one purchase at a time.

A Note From Donna

donna.jpgI grew up with a passion for art and design.  I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York with a major in apparel design. After working many different jobs, I finally got the chance to pursue my life long dream of becoming a designer.  Kathy and I joined forces and started our own company.  We decided that we would be dedicated to providing the high quality products that people young and old alike would enjoy.

My great inspiration was my daughter.  I wanted to make beautiful designs that my little princess would enjoy and last for years to come.  We still have a dress up trunk in our loft that I filled 16 years ago with our dress up items.  Although the designs have changed, when the trunk is opened to this day the laughter remains the same!

Thank you for Visiting our Site! Keep the Imagination and Joy Alive! 

What MyPrincessHats.com Provides:

  • First and Foremost the BEST Princess Hat you will find ANYWHERE.
  • We promise to provide excellent customer service.  We are dedicated to winning and maintaining our customers. 
  • We hope to provide mothers/fathers/grandmothers and everyone in between quality products.  It's not difficult to see the difference between a product that is proudly made in America and one that is made in another country (i.e. China).  When a customer buys products from us they experience that difference first hand.  The product is well-crafted and built to last. 
  • We promise your children will only receive the safest products from our store.  American made products are strictly regulated by the CPSIA and everything we offer is compliant.  With all of the scary recalls and problems with products from other countries (poisonous dog food, killer toys, bed bugs...) its makes sense for the informed consumer to shop the safer product, those made in the U.S.A.
  • All of that being said, we will let you know of any of our products we sell that are imported... it will be few and far between, but it happens.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at sales@myprincesshats.com

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